For 巴黎人代理 theater alumna C.J. Ochoco, the stage can be a medium not just for entertainment, but for raising social awareness. Regardless of socio-economic status, Ochoco said the stage should be an accessible platform for performers, the 观众和终身学习者。

Ochoco, the president and co-founder of the community theater group Breaking Wave Theatre Co., also believes in compensating performers and theater personnel for their 艰苦的工作。

“We are trying to help spur this idea that we can have a creative economy — that we 不挨饿的艺术家,“她说。

C.J. Ochoco


她的名字,而您删除成为岛上的戏剧界熟悉, ochoco几乎追访高中毕业后一个不同的教育路径。

在阿苏萨太平洋大学在加州的私人教育机构。但 she missed the island so much that she made the decision to return after her freshman 一年。到2010年,她被录取为在UOG二年级学生。

“I started as a pre-med major because that is what my family really wanted me to do. 但我把介绍了戏剧课只是我的整体教育的功劳。


Enrolling in the class renewed her love for the theater. The following semester, Ochoco took another class, this time in stage management under Associate Professor Michelle BLAS。那年ochoco决定最终过渡到戏剧课程。

“Even though I enjoy biology and chemistry, I realized that my life passion was really 更在艺术上,“她说。

Ochoco officially declared her major in 2011. At that time, there were only 10 people in the program. “‘There really weren't a lot of us, so we had an opportunity to do everything. I think that is what I really valued about my time at UOG. My focus was stage management, but I still had the 机会 to work on lights and sets. Even though I didn't like it, a couple of times, I did act. But I felt it did make me a 全面的人“。

Ochoco also found a healing and supportive space in the theater program. Here, she 是艺术家,演员和其他人共享利益共同体的一部分 和目标。

“I went through a lot of struggles early as a young adult, like being diagnosed with clinical depression. I realized that the arts are what really helped me find healing. That kind of became my life goal — not just to do theater and become a stage manager, but really to use theater to help other people, especially young people,” 她说。

C.J. Ochoco


Ochoco graduated from UOG in 2016 with a bachelor’s in fine arts with a theater track and a stage management focus. She wanted to immediately continue her studies off-island 但放弃她,直到决定计划攒钱供以后高中毕业生。

She found a non-theater related job after college as a program coordinator for the University of Maryland on Andersen Air Force Base. But then in 2017, she and a couple 其他校友开始考虑在关岛建立一个剧团。

终于,在2018年一月,破波共同影院。出生作为一个以社区为基础 theater company, according to Ochoco. UOG theater alumni Christian Jay Santiago, Jerome Ocampo, and Joey Datuin helped Ochoco build the company. Sierra Sevilla, who moved 回到岛上让她的主人,围捕WHO团队共同创立后 公司。

“我们希望涉及到关岛破波。 ......我们希望它成为ESTA这一概念 波行进到水和它积累后它打破到表面 功率它需要成为一挥手,“ochoco说。

Ochoco compares this to the years of training and hard work each theater professional goes through before finally breaking out and pursuing the next phase of their theater 事业。

The original intent of the company, according to Ochoco, was to provide opportunities

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giving alumni experience behind the scenes, too, in the technical aspects of stage 管理和设计。

“从那里,我们种刚刚演变成一个剧场,我们的整个使命是 promote lifelong learning through theater. We want to offer an 机会 for theater technicians and actors or people who want to learn those things to get experience,” 她说。

Through grant funding from the Guam Council on the Arts & Humanities Agency, Breaking 波杰弗里·哈彻生产的“相约星期二”的剧场版 and Mitch Albom in April 2018. It would be the company’s debut into the local theater 现场。

Since then, the company has organized various workshops on stage management and costume 设计。此外,它组织了演技一流的即兴创作。

C.J. Ochoco


musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, paired with a showcase called “Enamored” of original 剧本,诗歌,歌曲,由当地艺术家创作的电影。生产首演 在三月的UOG艺术剧院。

“21 Chump Street” is a cautionary tale based on a true story of a high school honors in the hopes of winning her affection. The twist is that she is actually an undercover 警察栽在学校找毒贩。

C.J. Ochoco

Ochoco said “21 Chump Street” is all about teaching kids that there are consequences. “It teaches about the ramifications of peer pressure and drug use in schools,” she 说过。

True to her idea of promoting a community-based theater, Ochoco brought the production to several local middle and high school students. The company also organized workshops 当孩子们从事有关以积极的方式为主题的讨论。



“I really value the time I had during the program, as I genuinely feel it has made me into the person I am today. I do not think I would have accomplished what I have 到目前为止,我没有通过该计划所接受的训练,“她说。

She said her time as a theater student was more than just learning how to act, direct, 并做好相关的戏剧等方面。

“我能增加我的批判性思维能力,学会如何有效地呈现 in front of an audience, and gain real-life skills that I use in my career today,” 她说。 “The UOG Theater Program has a great blend of theory and application, and 动手经验是无价的提供程序“。