CAMPUS ADVISORY #6 | STUDENTS - Continuing operations throughout Spring Break

CAMPUS ADVISORY #6 | STUDENTS - Continuing operations throughout Spring Break

CAMPUS ADVISORY #6 | STUDENTS - Continuing operations throughout Spring Break


Campus Advisory


  • April 1: Last day for voluntary withdrawal
    Email using your GoTriton email.

  • April 6: Deadline to submit Financial Aid documents for current semester awards.

  • April 17: Deadline for special project and credit by exam
    Forms available at Global Learning & Engagement office (formerly PIP). Contact 735-2600.

  • April 30: Tuition payment deadline

  • May 15: Deadline to submit “Petition to Withdraw”
    The deadline remains unchanged; however, forms should be emailed from your GoTriton email, and the Office of Admissions & Records will manage the required UOG signatures.


Please also be advised of the following campus closures and ongoing services: 

Academic Advisement for Undeclared Students

Student advising services for undeclared students will remain open and available via email, phone, or Zoom. Feel free to contact any of the EMSS academic advisors:

         Ms. Sallie Sablan:; (671) 735-2460

         Mr. Lorenzo Eduvala:; (671) 735-2271

         Ms. Arline Leon Guerrero:; (671) 735-2442

Bursar Student Services
Tel: 735-2945

  • Staff are available via email or phone to answer student questions or concerns.
  • Payments can be made via credit card over the phone, ACH, or online through WebAdvisor.
  • Electronic payments are highly encouraged; however, ACH and check payments will be accepted at the Bursar Office front counter. Students are asked to call ahead before coming by. 
  • Tuition payments may be made by phone or online. Check and cash payments will be accepted at the Bursar Office only.
  • Tuition payment deadlines, in accordance to current student payment plans, are extended to April 30, 2020.
  • Students who are registered for Fañomnåkan 2020 will be able to register early for Fanuchånan 2020.
  • Interest and late payment fees will be waived until UOG is back to normal operating procedures.

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Tel: 735-2850/1/3/4
All studies and research should be done off-campus until March 30. During this time, the dean’s office will deal with only emergency situations. The dean’s office may be contacted by phone from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Friday.

  • The Writing Center

    The Writing Center has virtual tutoring services available for students. All appointments can be made at this link, and confirmation emails will be sent accordingly. The current option for virtual tutoring is Zoom; however, additional platforms for tutoring delivery are being considered should demand increase.

Computer Center/IT services
Tel: 735-2640
The Computer Center labs will be closed from March 20 until further notice. Online Information Technology resources and systems will remain operational and supported by limited on-campus staff, available by phone from 8-5 p.m. Monday to Saturday, or remotely working staff available by email.

EEO, ADA, & Title IX Office
Urgent matters: 797-5547
Inquiries: Larry Gamboa at
The EEO, ADA, & Title IX Office is closed to the public to protect our student residents and thus will be staffed on a limited basis during this critical period to accommodate employees and students.

Financial Aid Office
Students can access their online Financial Aid Self-Service page at any time to get information on their aid. Technical support remains available via phone or email as well.

The deadline to submit financial aid documents for this semester’s (Fañomnåkan 2020) aid award has been extended from March 20 to April 6. Submission of documents can be done through email with some exceptions. For documents that require students to sign in the presence of Financial Aid staff, Zoom or Skype calls can be arranged to verify identity. Tax forms and tax transcripts require special handling (can be sent through email but must be encrypted). Financial Aid will instruct students on proper way to submit those documents on a per student basis.

Global Learning & Engagement (Formerly Professional & International Programs) 
In line with the University’s campus closure, the GLE office will remain closed until March 30

  • The deadline for Special Projects and Credit by Examination for the 2020 Fañomnåkan Semester has been extended to April 17. For assistance regarding Special Projects or Credit by Examination registration.
  • All tests proctored by GLE that were scheduled during the campus closure, including the Driver's Written Examination and ABC Exam, will be rescheduled. Updated test dates will be posted and announced.
  • The results of the Real Estate / Insurance testing will not be available for pickup. Result letters for individuals who took the test on March 6 will be mailed out beginning March 23.

Institutional Effectiveness
For inquiries, please email For data requests, please visit the OIE web page ( for numerous reports and information or submit an OIE helpdesk ticket at //

Graduating seniors will be contacted via their @gotriton email to arrange for oral communication assessment. For more information, email subject line: Oral Communication.

Freshmen and Seniors are highly encouraged to participate in the online National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). Check your @gotriton account for the invitation and survey link.

Isa Psychological Services Center
Tel: 735-2883
Isa Psychological Services Center will remain open during the COVID-19 crisis to provide critical mental health services for students, staff, faculty, and members of their families, as well as for adults, children, and families from the community.

All services will be conducted through telehealth (phone) and/or Zoom (video) sessions. In-person sessions are suspended until further notice. Clients can call the number above to speak with a counselor.

Services will include regular mental health services, as well as specialized counseling and psychological First-Aid addressing worries, concerns, and stress related to the COVID-19 crisis. All services will be supportive, client-centered, and completely confidential. All services are also free of charge.

Mathematics Tutor Lab
Tel: 735-2064
Students are encouraged to schedule a virtual appointment for math tutoring at Mathematics tutor lab hours of operation will be forthcoming and the website updated soon.

Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC)
Tel: 735-2341
MARC library services are available through email to the reference librarian and Spanish documents/manuscripts librarian on the Find-A-Librarian page.

Post Office / Mail Services at the Student Center
Tel: 735-2941
The Post Office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., Monday to Friday, for the following purposes: picking up office mail, picking up packages, and accepting outgoing departmental mail. No personal mail is being accepted. 

RFK Memorial Library
Tel: 735-2341
The library is closed; however, access to library databases via the library’s webpage will remain open, and reference services are available via E-Ref, phone, and email through the Find-A-Librarian page.

School of Business and Public Administration
Twitter and Instagram: @sbpa_uog
LinkedIn and Facebook: @uogsbpa

While the UOG Campus is temporarily closed, we want to continue serving our faculty, students, partners, and stakeholders. In this vein, the SBPA Dean’s Office has transitioned to an online platform. We can be reached at 500 Internal Server Error

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a completely online platform beginning March 30, 2020.

Centers are accessible as follows:

School of Education
Faculty and staff at the School of Education will be working remotely. Questions and concerns may be addressed to Gerwin Pineda at or Dean Alicia Aguon at

School of Health
Faculty and staff at the School of Health will be working remotely. Contact Mr. Jonathan Nguyen at or Dean Margaret Hattori-Uchima at

Tel: 888-2456 (G4S Security)
Any personnel working on campus are responsible for securing their facilities upon departure. There should be no one working beyond normal duty hours without first notifying security. Security will be conducting routine checks and securing all facilities between 9 p.m.-9:30 p.m. 

TRIO Student Support Services  
Tel: 735-2258 or 735-2248
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and social media communication.

TRIO-Upward Bound
Tel: 735-1991/1992 (Voice Messages)
Cell: 929-7952
Director Rowena T. Andrade:
The TRIO-UB services will continue to provide services to students via email, phone calls/text, and social media communication, such as the TRIO-Upward Bound Facebook page. Students are requested to contact their UB school liaisons or UB Director Rowena T. Andrade above for further info/assistance.

Triton Athletics and Field House
Tel: 735-2862
Athletics Director Doug Palmer:

All UOG varsity sports and club teams plus all UOG athletic leagues are suspended for the remainder of the fañomnåkan semester.

  • Triton Fitness Center

    The Triton Fitness Center and TakeCare Fitness classes are closed and suspended until 500 Internal Server Error

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  • Field House Events

    All Field House events are suspended until further notice.

Triton Store
The Triton Store in the Student Center will be closed until March 30.  

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